amplify: series of Austrian composers

Meaghan Burke plays a piece for solo cello by Nancy Van de Vate

Arsis Press, Music by Women Composers

We are still in contact with Arsis Press


The composer's recording of her new opera, Hamlet,
continues to be frequently broadcast by Swiss Radio,
as well as other international radio stations.
All other recordings, including Hamlet,
are now included in the Naxos Music Library
and are regularly downloaded and streamed
worldwide. Her printed music is available
from the Swiss distributor, Musica Neo, and
can be downloaded directly from

Dr. Van de Vate also continues as president
and artistic director of the CD recording company,
Vienna Modern Masters. In October 2012 VMM
recordings were downloaded and streamed from
the Naxos Music Library in 50 countries,
continuing to reach a wide listening public
all over the world.

New Recordings

Suite for Alto Saxophone
Centaur Recordings CRC 3243
"Women Recordings and Their Music for Saxophone"
Bill Perconti, saxophone

25.11.2012 Czech Chamber Orchestra

Gema Java (Echoes of Jawa)
11:30, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria

03.11.2012 1. Frauenkammerorchester Österreichs

Die Kinder des Krieges
19:00, Ruprechtskirche, Vienna Austria

02.11.2012 House concert

Lento for piano
Ruth Spindler, piano
Fantasy Pieces for Flute
Daniela Lahner, flute
19:30, Eisenstadt, Austria

18.10.2012 Fantasy Pieces for Piano

Daniela Lahner, flute
Eisenstadt, Austria

03.10.2012 Prelude for Organ

Ernst Wally, organ
Jesuitenkirche, Vienna, Austria

10.12.2011 Tag der Menschenrechte

Aufschrei der Kinder des Krieges
Adagio expressivo

1. Frauen-Kammerochester von Österreich
19:00, Ehrbarsaal, Mühlgasse 28-30, 1040 Vienna, Austria

23.11.2011 classic muerz

Adagio expressivo
1. Frauen-Kammerorchester von Österreich
19:30, Kunsthaus Mürz, Anton Webern Saal, Austria

15.10.2011 125 Jahre Club der Wiener Musikerinnen

Five Autumn Scenes
Ruth Spindler, Klavier
17:00, Wilhelm Exnergasse 34, 1090 Vienna, Austria

05.08.2011 Marimba Concert

Suite for Marimba
Jane Boxall, Marimba
19:30, Salisbury Congregational Church, Vermont

16.05.2011 Portrait Concert

Six Etudes for Solo Cello
Concertpiece for Cello and Piano
Twelve Pieces for Piano on One to Twelve Notes I
Fantasy Pieces
Night Journey
Lament for Bali
Sonata for Piano

Meaghan Burke, cello
Ruth Spindler, piano
18:00 , Palais Corbelli, Johannesgasse 7, 1010 Vienna, Austria

20.04.2011 Swiss Crazy Radio

In the Shadow of the Glen
Opera Broadcast

27.04.2011 Arts Indonesia Radio

In the Shadow of the Glen
Opera Broadcast

07.04.2011 Music Performance Workshop

In the Shadow of the Glen
Rachel Carreras, Nora
Matthew Skibo, Michael
Dierdre Brenner, Piano

How Fares the Night?
Sarah Golley, soprano
Hanna Pristave, soprano
Christina Bernardoni, mezzo

Jessica Pollack, clarinet
Spencer Miller, piano
18:00, Palais Corbelli, room 10, Johannesgasse 7, 1010 Vienna, Austria

03.03.2011 International Women's Day, 100th Anniversary

Suite for Solo Violin
Cynthia O'Brien, violin
18:30 Uhr, Australian Embassy in Vienna, Mattiellistraße 2-4, 1040 Vienna, Austria

23.01.2011 To the East and to the West; Ein Liederabend

Youthful Age
To the East and to the West

Suzanne Preston, soprano
Carol Klaus, piano
18:00 Uhr, America Institute, Operngasse 4, 1010 Vienna, Austria

22.01.2011 125 Jahre Club der Wiener Musikerinnen

9 Preludes for Piano
Lento for Piano
Second Sonata for Piano
Lament for Bali
Fantasy Pieces for Piano
Night Journey

Ruth Spindler, piano
17:00, Club der Wiener Musikerinnen, Skurawygasse 6, 1230 Vienna, Austria

05.06.2010 Haus der Musik, Vienna, Austria

Six Etudes for Solo Violoncello
Meaghan Burke, cellist
20:00 Haus der Musik, Seilerstätte 30, 1010 Vienna, Austria

New Works completed and available: April 2010

Lyric Suite for Marimba and Orchestra (4 movts.)
Quiet Piece for Solo Alto Saxophone
Music in 5, 3, and 7 for Saxophone Quartet
Suite for Alto Saxophone
Six Etudes for Solo Cello
Two for two - for two marimbas

20.11.2010 New London, Connecticut, USA

Gema Jawa
Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra
Toshiyuki Shimada, director
Garde Arts Center, New London, Connecticut

17.05.2010 "Bright Eyed Joy"

The Musikverein " La Prima Volta" presents:
Contemporary American songs and duets by
Victoria Bond, Nancy Van de Vate, Ricky Ian Gordon
and others

Claudia Franner, Sopran
Robert Chionis, Bariton
Ilse Schumann, Piano
19:30, Barocksaal, Wipplingerstr. 8, 1010 Vienna, Austria

23., 24.04.2010 Opera Festival, Boston

Longy School of Music presents:
Where The Cross Is Made
In The Shadow Of The Glen
A Night In The Royal Ontario Museum
Cocaine Lil
Venal Vera

02.02.2010 Haiti Benefit Concert

Six Etudes
Elena Denisova, violin
Margrit Julia Zimmermann, piano
Austrian Embassy, Wahington D.C.